Spring Series – Race #2

This wednesday saw a few storms and 45 minutes of sometimes torrential rain before we could start the race. It finally started at 8pm, at buoy “C”. The wind being light and the start late, Felix drew a course accordingly C-A-C-A, being a bit of a lesser distance than usual. To make matters worse, conditions changed drastically right after the start: the westerly winds reached gusts of up to 25 knots. The course being mostly on a beam reach, without tacking nor gybing, the importance of the start is paramount. After the start, all of the boats form a file and very little passing is possible. Still, it was a close race between “Born to Run” and “Youp”, finishing only two seconds apart. A special mention to “Azul” who finished 3rd 1 minute 6 seconds later. In the end, beautiful weather prevailed to reward the brave ones who dared come out in this summer evening..

BateauhandicapheureminutessecondecompenséPositionType voile
Born to run0.933024161358.41VB
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