Summer series – Race #3

The course was F-C-D-F-A, with winds varying from 5 to 10 knots in a westerly direction. The preferred starting tack was towards the committee boat. Very nice come-from-behind by “Nemo” to catch up and eventually lead “Youp” at the first reach between buoys C and D. Nemo even used his passing lights when right behind “Born to Run” all along the D-F leg. A reminder for the coming races: check your running lights – bow and stern, as the Wednesday night races will soon conclude at dusk.
Thanks to François for the great photos and videos from the drone, operated from committee boat Rose de Borée !

Nom du voilierhandicapheureminutessecondetotal compenséRésultats
Born to run0.932584269662921122343434050.21
Midnight Star0.893433799784711232050004467.25
Schubert II0.926339285714291225149714604.86
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