Results – Race #1 – Spring Series

The first race of the season took place in a westerly wind of some 15 knots at start time (at buoy F), decreasing down to some 3 knots at the end of racing. The course took some 2 hours to complete, including 3 beam legs and 2 running legs.

In this early season, several racers realised that a bit of finetuning and practice manoeuvering will be required…
A bit of a reminder: be aware of all the boats around you at the starting line, and remember that you can’t bear down on a boat that’s leeward from you. Upon hearing “up-up-up”, it is important to sail upwind in order to safely create room.

The course is still missing buoys B & D – these will be installed for the weekend.
Congratulations to all participants, esp. Youp and Echapatoire who came from behind during the race.
Uncertain winds became steady and made for exciting racing in this longest day of the year !

VoilierhandicapHeureMinSectotal compenséRésultats
Born to run0.933157270226551.51
Marinik II0.929281776977150.54
Midnight Star0.893DNF12
Eau zone0.877DNF12
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