Ladies Race

Northwestly winds, 8 to 15 knots. The following course was used: F-D-F-C-A. Aquilon played the role of the rabbit in a gate start without boat committee. Competitors had to sail astern of Aquilon, who started from the F buoy on close-hauled. Aquilion kept the lead for almost all the first leg, to be overtaken by Born to Run near buoy D. A hot fight between Youp and Zabie to the finish line where a mere 10 seconds separated them. Another beautiful day of sailing with one of the most beautiful winds of the season. Don’t forget the «Course du Rhum» next Saturday. EM

Nom du voilierHandicapheureminutessecondetotal compenséRésultats
Born to run0.933131154615095.11
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