Anniversary Race

Southwest wind  from 15 to 20 knots. It was the deluge leaving my home around 8:30 but fortunately when arriving at the club the sky had cleared and a beautiful day of sailing was coming. The race was delayed by one hour to take advantage of a slightly better wind. The F-C-D-E-A course was executed in a record time of 1:17. Hot fight between Jeitinho, Born to run and Youp and it is Jeitinho who managed to pass the finish line first … Bravo Jeitinho. After the race, we celebrated the club’s 61th anniversary with the corn roast, thank you Pauline, Marco and their squadron committee for organizing the event. Thanks to our musicians Mohamed and Folker for making us dance so well. EM

Résultats de course      
Nom du voilierhandicapheureminutessecondetotal compenséRésultats
Born to run0.932584269662921175646764360.81
Marinik II0.929451287793951234150214666.84
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