Les courses de la saison 2018

Scholfield Series – Race #3

2018-09-21T00:15:44+00:00 September 20th, 2018|, Résultats de courses|

For this Wednesday’s race, the wind was weak on a SE, but eventually picked up to a nice 8 knots.  The first mark from the starting line was straight downwind, which is a rare first-leg course in Wednesday’s racing.  Nevertheless the pack was tight rounding the first buoy “A”, with

Scholefield series – Race #1

2018-09-06T20:15:40+00:00 September 6th, 2018|, Résultats de courses|

This Wednesday’s racing took place in south-westerly winds varying from 8 to 10 knots.  Némo got a flying start on a F-A-C-F-A course, being closer to the committee boat on an upwind tack.  However, a slight change in the wind direction towards the south allowed Jethino and Born to Run

The “Crépuscule” Series of Racing – race no. 1 – «Born to Run » is back racing !

2018-08-02T16:31:34+00:00 August 2nd, 2018|, Résultats de courses|

The conditions for this racing event were a 6-to-10 knot southerly wind. We were blessed with clear skies even though stormy clouds could be seen all around us afar.
The chosen course went around the following buoys: CAFCFC, with C as the starting line.
It was past dusk when the

Série du printemps 2018 – Race #1

2018-06-08T11:06:52+00:00 June 8th, 2018||

Mercredi le 6 juin a eu lieu la première régate de la série printemps. Elle s’est déroulée en face du club. Départ avant le chenal jusqu’à la première bouée rouge (AM98) et retour a la ligne de départ.

Le vent au départ était presque inexistant. Sur les sept participants, deux n’ont pas franchis la ligne de départ et ont du